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Imperial Textile Picnic 2014

Imperiolympics 2016

Imperial Textile 2016

Imperial Textile 2016

Can you believe Imperial Textile recently celebrated 18 years in business? As per the tradition of every 4 years, it was time, once again, to usher-in the Imperiolympic Games. The torch was lit, and everyone came out for a rousing good time of competition, food and fun. We had an incredible turnout as a number of employees took place in our Imperiolympic triathlon, a pick-up volleyball game, and almost everyone brought some kind of food dish; it was quite a fun afternoon!


People brought in some great dishes for us to enjoy.

The company decided to have all the employees vote for this year’s MVE (Most Valuable Employee), and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Irene for being our MVE! Her hard work and dedication to this company really earned her the title, and I don’t think it comes as a surprise to anyone who knows her to award her this honor.

Now that the ceremonies have concluded, “Let the games begin!”:


A sack race to end all sack races . . ..

We witness the power and might of the great Olympians in action.

Sporting their black garbage bags, this is anybody’s race!

They suffered many casualties that day . . .

Tragedy stuck.

Don’t be fooled, those garbage bags were tricky to hold up, especially for the taller folks.

Does the spoon carry the egg? Or does the egg carry the heart of the champion?

But one would proved to stand above the rest!

Some just got it, and others don’t.

With the strength of Atlas, water balloons flew.

By the end of it all, our Champion stood victorious, bringing honor and glory to the department.

Everyone’s a winner at the Imperiolympics!